Sex Health



 Sex health is helpful to children as it assists them to learn and appreciate their bodies. Younger children are more curious in pregnancy and babies than in technicalities of sex. As a parent, discussing sex with a child initiates an open communication which is important as the child approaches adolescent. When there is increased parent-child communication, the kid is likely to communicate with parents on challenges of adolescent. These trials include depression, relationships, drug abuse and sex issues. The best strategy in sex health education is beginning it early in life. as the child grows, the conversation should be continued depending on the level of child’s understanding. this will enable the parents avoid giving an uncomfortable talk when a child reaches adolescence. Sex education to children protects them from risky behaviors as they mature up. It is offered at different stages in life of a child.

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Medication Errors in Nursing


Nurses shoulder the entire responsibility of administering medication and ensuring that the patient complies with the treatment regimen. However, lack of basic pharmacological and drug administration skills, as well as knowledge, will often result into medication error. Therefore, nurses must be vigilant, knowledgeable and skillful when it comes to drug administration. Medical errors can attract adverse outcomes for the patient and legal actions against the nurse responsible(“CNPS – Medication Errors,” n.d.). The medical error may be uncomplicated with only one nurse involved or can be due to a series of interrelated factors such as the environment and the entire team of medical practitioners. One of the best solutions to address medication errors is obtaining a comprehensive patient medication profile that will be used as a reference point during admissions, inter-hospital transfers, and home discharge. This paper seeks to discuss the medication errors in nursing by covering the factors to consider before administering medication, the professional requirements for drug administration, consequences related to medication errors and how to avoid making errors.

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Health Policy Analysis



 A health policy entails judicial solutions, or laws that respond to a particular health issue. The process for developing a health policy is described by Berkowitz (2012). According to Berkowitz a nursing leader should have skills for analyzing a policy in the policy making process to assess its potential impact. The process of analyzing a policy should begin with the identification and detailed description of the problem. In this paper, the nonpayment Medicare policy is analyzed by defining the health care policy problem. Further, the stage sequential method will be used to analyze a healthcare policy in the policy making context from the ethical, legal, economic, and political perspective. The goals and objectives of the policy are then analyzed and compared with two other policies. Finally, the most effective policy is discussed based on its implications for nursing.

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Healthcare Statistics - Introduction to Hypothesis Testing (SLP)


 Hypothesis is a guess or proposition that seeks to explain about a natural phenomenon about population of interest, and it is subject to be tested in a bid to identify the truth or false behind it. In other words, the validity of the proposition has to be determined through definition of both the null and alternative hypotheses. In this case, the entire research or experiment revolves around the null hypothesis. However, a single research may wish to test more than one null hypothesis.

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Healthcare Public opinion


 Obama care, commonly known as the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. It presented the most significant administrative service in the U.S healthcare system. Under the act, the provisions included were aimed at expanding access to insurance, increasing the healthcare workforce, enhancing the quality of healthcare systems and curbing the rising medical costs in the U.S (Pear A14). Precisely, the Act allows patients with the flexibility and stability to make decisions regarding their health conditions through the newly introduced Patient Bill of Rights. In this regard, the Americans have full control over their healthcare.

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Drivers of High-Performance Healthcare Systems



 Performance is often dependent on capability, will and focus even though many health care organizations in many circumstances under-develop focus, fail to develop the will and overdevelop capability (McAlearney et al., 2011). These are often the prerequisites of drivers of performance in health care organizations. Your post is very insightful and indeed, it is true that different organizations use different terms to represents drivers of performance as your organization uses the term performance indicators such as costs and outcomes.

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